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China has gone crazy for gold!!

In April, for example, the government’s Foreign-Exchange Agency announced the purchase of an additional 16 MILLION ounces for its state coffers!

And just a few months earlier, National Geographic Magazine reported that for the first time China had surpassed the U.S. as a buyer of gold jewelry.

But here’s the amazing thing few investors realize…

This is the first time Chinese officials have intervened in this way in the gold markets—and I expect the result will be a windfall for savvy investors over the next few years.

After all, gold is one of the only “buy and hold” investments in the world right now. It is also the only investment in the world that has gone up EVERY YEAR for the past five years straight. And, remember, China remains the fastest-growing economy on the planet, with the wealthiest government on Earth.

You see, most investors don’t realize that China is now the world’s largest gold producer (they passed South Africa last year).

China is also one of the few countries in the world where known gold reserves are increasing… not shrinking.

For essentially the past 50 years, no one was allowed to touch gold in China… except for the government. Until now!

But today, that is changing… and in a hurry…they not only open up the door to the people of China, they are encouraging them to buy GOLD!

In short, the Chinese government wants more gold to reside in China!!

They realize gold is one of the only buy-and-hold investments in the world right now. And they’ve got a lot of money to spend… nearly $2 Trillion according to a recent report in The New York Times. What do you think will happen to the dollars purchasing power as China moves it’s “DOLLAR DENOMINATED ASSETS” into Gold? It seems that everyone except the Obama administration knows the “dollar is dying” or at least the “Obama Gang” won’t admit it publically!
Another fact to let sink in…twenty years ago, China produced an inconsequential amount of gold.

Today, China is the #1 gold-producing nation in the world…

Now you can see more clearly… WHY China wants to drive the price of Gold up and UP!

It appears that China may be planning to hold and control more Gold in their country than any country in the world, between the government and private sector holdings.

You might want to seriously consider moving your “DOLLAR DENOMINATED ASSETS” into Gold & Silver Collectible Coins…REAL SOON!



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