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Will Food be the Currency of the Future? Ways to Prepare creating Food Storage… Start with Free Food!!

Here is a very important question that must be answered…

How will you and your family eat when the Dollar crashes???  You notice I didn’t say IF…but WHEN!!

Are you concerned like I am about what’s going on and not going on in Washington, the devaluation of the Dollar, the real threat War?

Have you prepared for the inevitable crash of the dollar?  I have!  In a barter system, FOOD, a garden, Guns & Ammo and Gold & Silver will enable you to survive, and even thrive!  I’m writing this because I have found a company that is giving away FREE SURVIVAL FOOD, hoping that you will like it and purchase more, which I believe you should! Efoods Direct has been preparing, dehydrating, packaging and marketing their all natural, delicious meals for 28 years. 

Even though they are delicious enough to eat every day,they have a 15 year shelf-life, and now eFoods Global is giving away 9 meals absolutely FREE — just pay the $5.95 S&H. 

You can get more Free Food by merely sharing this info with others! Just as I am with you!


To get your “Eat for Free Pack” now, go to:


I just signed up for FREE!

You can do the same…and get your FREE SURVIVIAL FOOD TO TRY!!!

Rare Gold & Silver Coins are the very best way to preserve your purchasing power! There are 5 financial bubbles that are poised to pop, some are already deflating. When one of them pops, it will cause the others to pop as well, which will create a Global Financial Meltdown. We need to be prepared for the AFTERSHOCK of this massive meltdown!!

These are the 5 financial bubbles:

1)   Real Estate Bubble

2)   Stock Market Bubble

3)   Personal Debt Bubble (Credit Cards, Car Loans etc.)

4)   Government Debt Bubble (Better believe they even have a credit limit…some say it is around 15 Trillion, we are closing in fast on it.)

5)   Paper Currency Bubble (The printing presses are on steroids!) 

Go to www.MorningStarCoins.com to find your best deals on Rare Gold & Silver Coins!

If you want to know more on this subject, the Staff at MorningStar Coins will help you!!



One thought on “Will Food be the Currency of the Future? Ways to Prepare creating Food Storage… Start with Free Food!!

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