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Governments Around the World Giving it own People False Hopes about Preparedness for Food Shortages?

Recent articles from Tokyo and India seem to suggest that people aren’t entirely worried that they can’t get the food they need.

Take this excerpt from an interview in Tokyo, where stores are not completely out of food, but people call it a shortage anyway because of the blackouts:

“The supply of daily necessities will never dry up,” Renho, Japan’s minister of state for consumer affairs and food safety, said in a statement posted on the website of the prime minister’s office March 17. “If people continue to make unnecessary, non-urgent purchases, supply of necessities in the disaster-hit area may be disrupted,” said Renho, who uses only one name.

“So far there’s nothing I need that I can’t get,” Yumi Nakajima, a 50-year-old housewife, said outside one of Daimaru Inc.’s Peacock stores in Jiyugaoka, a residential area in Tokyo. “I still have rice at home and I saw them selling milk.” Complete source

Is the Japanese government setting up false hopes for the future in that people will believe the government will keep daily necessities flowing? Perhaps in a country as strong as Japan it is possible, but even in the United States, preparation is a questionable topic as we’ve read reports that the government is in short supply of food rations. Comfort may be seen in words and actions, but when a crisis occurs, you may have nothing but empty promises.

In the post from India, the government claims that people will never have to worry about the food shortage because they have the money to buy whatever is necessary:

“The people will not suffer at all from food crisis as the government will provide adequate money to ensure food security,” Sheikh Hasina said at a discussion in the city on Friday. Complete source

Although the government may be completely justified in its approach to taking care of its people, but the fact remains that they are relying on imports, and there may be a time when imports are not available. No amount of money can be an adequate replacement for food.

Food is the new currency, and it’s also the security that people need. The government is not the answer and they cannot save us in our time of adversity. The government cannot foresee disaster and hard economic times. Whatever their motives, people must still take it upon themselves to be self-reliant.

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2 thoughts on “Governments Around the World Giving it own People False Hopes about Preparedness for Food Shortages?

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