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Seen the Price of Gold & Silver? Notice It Has BUY, BUY, BUY Written Right Next to the price!!

With all that is going on right now in the economy, politics, and the markets fluctuating, yet not going much of anywhere.  Gold & Silver are approaching early 2012 prices, Gold at $1,580 and Silver at $28.75.  Both are seriously undervalued right now, especially when you look at the alternative places to hold your reserve assets with the goal in mind to both achieve long term increase in value as well as to protect against ravaging effect of inflations on any Paper Currency Denominated Asset.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell as much as 183 points in early trading and is on the verge of its longest slump since August.

Political disarray throughout all of the European Union, most noticeably in Greece and recently with a change in the French presidency as well as renewed concerns about the resilience of the Spanish banking sector sent the EURO to a 15-week low against the Dollar/EURO and propelled German Bond futures to record highs.

Looking at the overall economic picture you see a majority of stocks down, bonds down, inflation still rising with an imminent threat of HYPERINFLATION, REAL unemployment HISTORICALLY HIGH, almost inevitable announcement by the Federal Reserve of interest rate increase and what they could mean to a fragile economy, a possible/likely QE3 (more massive printing of paper currency), it becomes a “No Brainer” to HOLD (possess) your reserve assets in some form of  Gold and Silver bullion and or RARE Coins; rather than any Paper Currency Denominated Asset! For better understand of all the statements made in this post, search through are archives for past posts, especially on the subject of holding Gold & Silver Assets.



One thought on “Seen the Price of Gold & Silver? Notice It Has BUY, BUY, BUY Written Right Next to the price!!

  1. For me the biggest thing is that nothing has changed in the fundamentals. Debt continues to ratchet up and that to me is the primary driver for gold’s continued bull performance. The world governments have reached a point where they can’t help but be “all-in” when it comes to increasing debt and papering that debt over. It’s their only choice at this point in the game.

    Posted by Hal (GT) | May 10, 2012, 2:58 pm

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